Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


The blood collection kit is used for all the tests performed at Infectolab Americas. The components in the kit are listed below.

What's Inside Our Kit?

Blood Draw and Shipping Instructions

Fill provided tubes entirely based on ordered testing and invert at least 8 times.

Place tube in Styrofoam tube carrier.

1. Purple top (EDTA): Flow cytometry CD57

2. Yellow Top (ACD): Lymespot and other ELISPOT Testing

3. Tiger Top (Serum): Western blot and ELISA Antibody Testing 

Blood draw instructions Circle Fedex.png

Complete the provided order form with patient information, provider information, blood draw time, desired testing, and payment information. Paperwork must be filled out completely.

Bring the filled laboratory pack to your local FedEx drop box or UPS store for shipment.

Pack the Infectolab test kit into the FedEx Laboratory mailing envelope. Ensure the package is sealed and ready for shipment.

Place bio-hazard bag containing the styrofoam mailer and blood tubes into the Infectolab test kit box.

Place Styrofoam tube mailer with blood vials, provided absorbent pad and completed paperwork into the bio-hazard bag.

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Infectolabs Process

Account Setup

Create an account with us and order your testing kit

Blood Draw & Shipment

Draw blood Monday through Thursday and ship the kit back to us by using the provided shipment bag and overnight shipping label


Receive the report through our HIPAA complaint secure portal. The turn around time is 3-5 business days.


Request for free consult with our scientific or clinical team for test result interpretation

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