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About Infectolab Americas COVID-19 test

Infectolab Americas has validated a novel serology and PCR test for COVID-19. The United States still faces a testing crisis. Our lab is ready to help by providing fast, accurate testing for COVID-19 patients. Testing for the viral RNA identifies the infected individuals during early stages of infection and later subsequently testing the individuals for antibodies serves as a potential for convalescent plasma donation. The serology testing can conduct contact tracing and monitor the immune status of individuals overtime.

The testing can be used with patients who meet current guidance by CDC for evaluation of infection with COVID-19. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can order COVID-19 test?

Health Care Provider anywhere in the US can order Infectolab Americas serology testing.

What type of specimen is required for testing?

The Antibody testing requires blood sample collected in a serum tube by performing vein- puncture.

For PCR nasal swab sample is required.

Can sample collection be performed at Infectolabs?

Infectolabs cannot perform sample collection. The Health Care facility needs to perform it for the patients.

What is the test methodology used for COVID-19 testing?

The COVID-19 test performed at Infectolabs are PCR and Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays.

What is the turn around time for the testing?

The turn around time is usually 24-48 hours.

Will the test results be reported to the State?

Yes, all the results will be reported to the respective State according to their requirements. The States will in turn report it to the CDC.

Why do we test IgA instead of IgM?

IgA is the antibody that is produced in viral infections which infect the human body through mucosal surfaces, it is the relevant subclass for these types of infections. - IgA is seen in respiratory diseases in high titers and provides immunity at mucosal sites.

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