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Infectolab Americas is working hard to provide Americans with the high quality Covid 19 tests available in the market globally. 

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Infectolab Americas Covid-19 Workforce Plan

Restarting your business takes time and money. Without good Covid-19 testing and monitoring you are at the risk of shutting down again. Infectolab Americas Covid-19 Workforce Plan is targeted at employers to safely bring back their employees to work. We can help you implement the right workplace plan combining Covid-19 testing and process to prevent reinfections.


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How it all Works?

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Contact us at 651-387-2614 to know more about our workforce plan for COVID testing and discounted pricing.

Frequently asked questions

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Should we test all our employees even though they do not have symptoms?

Testing all your employees before they get back to work is the key, If tested negative the person can safely return to workplace but on the other hand if positive they can be quarantined to prevent the spread to healthy individuals. Identifying asymptomatic carriers controls the spread among the employees and also the community.

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When is it safe for the employee who tested positive to return back to work?

The person who was tested positive should be quarantined for 2 weeks and can be retested in the third week. We recommend a minimum of 2 negatives to return back to work safely.

Infectolab Americas is CLIA certified laboratory. Our team have vast laboratory experience. We believe that high quality testing is crucial to resume operations in a safe manner. We ensure that we report the test results within 24-48 hours through a safe HIPAA complaint portal. Infectolab Americas also reports the test results to the respective state authorities.

Why choose Infectolab Americas for testing?

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What type of specimen is required for testing?

Infectolabs COVID-19 PCR testing requires a nasopharyngeal swab collection. Specimen should be collected using a synthetic nasopharyngeal swab and placed in a viral transport medium to be accepted for testing. 

Infectolabs COVID-19 Antibody testing requires a venipuncture to collect blood from the patient. Serum will be tested to determine if the patient has antibodies against COVID-19. Blood draws need to be performed by professionals.

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How can we order Infectolab Americas COVID testing?

Call us at 651-387-2614 and a representative will set you up in Infectolab Americas online cloud based portal system and send the kits to your facility. Within 48 hours your test kits will arrive.

Will I be notified of the results? 

The results will be published via secure cloud based portal system within 48 hrs after we receive the sample. Once the results are ready you will receive a notification email so you can go ahead and login to the portal to view the results.

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