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Care of elderly population with Infectolab Americas sequential COVID-19 tests

From the start of the pandemic nursing homes and assisted living facilities needed more attention as studies shows elderly population and people with underlying conditions are more vulnerable to COVID-19. The data from CDC shows nursing home residents constitute nearly half of all COVID-19 infections in the United States. The infection rate and mortality rate of COVID-19 poses a very grave threat to senior citizens, requiring social distancing, and quarantines which prevent nursing home residents from direct interaction which in turn leads to depression and low immunity.

Nursing homes can remain open only if a more meaningful testing protocol is put in place.

The safety and well-being of nursing home residents demands constant testing. Infectolab Americas provides high quality consecutive COVID-19 tests to nursing homes and assisted living. Assisted living facilities that collaborate with us are prioritizing the health and safety of every resident and staff by providing sequential testing, with early viral detection, and effective control of the outbreak. Infectolab Americas report positives to the state and also to the facility immediately. The results are released via secure portal. 

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Collect sample and overnight it back to us with the provided shipping bag and label.



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Get you test report via secured e-mail/portal within 24-48 hours


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