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Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) is Betaherpesviridae of the herpes virus family and can be categorized as HHV-6 A and HHV-6 B. HHV6 is globally present in 40 to 100 percent of the population and it can infect epithelial cells, T-cells and fibroblasts.

 HHV-6 can target the nervous system which is made up of brain and spinal column, the immune system, and a wide variety of organs. All herpes family viruses can stay in your body for life, usually in a dormant or inactive state.  It is possible for the virus to reactivate at some point and it that case it may cause several health issues including neurological conditions.

HHV-6 is typically transmitted through Saliva from person to person. HHV6 establishes like all other herpes viruses a lifelong latent infection.



When a child is infected with HHV-6 it is usually mild. The common symptoms include fevers, fussiness, runny nose, rash, and diarrhea. High fevers in these children can cause febrile seizures but are usually not dangerous.

A classic set of symptoms HHV-6 can cause is roseola infantum. It occurs between 6 months to 2 years if age. In roseola children will have high fever followed by widespread rash that appears in the body.

In transplant recipients HHV-6 can cause anemia and low levels of white blood cells and platelets which can cause fatigue, decreased immunity and bleeding.



Infectolab Americas HHV-6 Spot helps to monitor the antigen specific T-cell activity. These cells are part of the adaptive immune system; tracking their immune response gives a clear picture of the stage of the disease as well as providing the tools necessary to assess the success of any treatment. 



In healthy, immunocompetent children and adults’ symptoms from the infections usually get better with out any medication. Drinking plenty of fluids, taking acetaminophen for fever and maintaining adequate nutrition helps.

If there’s rare serious infection IV antiviral medications may help.




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